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Author Monty Knight

A patient and I recently had a conversation on sensuality and sexuality, and I suggested the following five important considerations on the topic, each from a distinctly Christian perspective. Sexuality should be understood more broadly than it is usually construed. In other words, our sexuality has more to do with who we are than merely […] Read More

With the February birthdays of both Presidents Washington and Lincoln celebrated as a national holiday, I found a column by a Charleston, S.C., Post and Courier pundit somewhere between amusing and disturbing. At least this sentence. “[A president’s] religion,” he wrote, “once mattered, but concerns mount if the word ‘devout’ is attached.” “Once mattered”? I’d […] Read More

I recently attended a gathering at which an evolutionary biologist – a distinguished professor at South Carolina’s flagship university – offered his observations and answered questions from the audience following a video presentation sponsored by the National Center for Science Education. The subject of the event was exposing the flawed attempt, these days, on the […] Read More

The Supreme Court recently upheld, on First Amendment grounds, a federal appeals court’s decision to overturn a verdict awarding millions to the father of the late Matthew Snyder. The decision represents an interesting – some would say tragic – irony in the unfolding drama surrounding the Fred Phelps family, aka Westboro Baptist Church, of Topeka, […] Read More