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Author Molly T. Marshall

Molly T. Marshall is president of Central Baptist Theological Seminary (CBTS) in Shawnee, Kansas.

American Baptists have just completed a remarkable Mission Summit (a felicitous rebranding of the Biennial) close by in Overland Park, Kan. How nice not to have to pack this time! The most exhilarating aspect of the gathering was the significance presence of those comprising the Burma Diaspora communities, primarily of Chin and Karen ethnicity. They just […] Read More

The showdown between Elijah and the prophets of Baal is one of the riveting scenes in the Hebrew Scriptures. When King Ahab assembled the Israelites, the forthright prophet offered a stark choice: “If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him” (1 Kings 18:21b). And the people were silent. Elijah is […] Read More

In planning for nearly a year, the Baptist-Muslim conversation held on Saturday, April 20, could not have gone better. It was not lost on anyone in attendance how timely and significant this initiative was. There was a palpable sense in the room that we were doing holy work, especially as tempers were flaring in other […] Read More

The Baptists in Myanmar are in high gear preparing to host thousands to celebrate the 200-year impact of the arrival of the Judsons in 1813.  Baptists here claim Adoniram Judson (1788-1850) as one of their own, which speaks highly of his cultural assimilation.  Baptists in the U.S. claim him also, for he helps us understand […] Read More

“We are the relatives who just won’t go away,” observed Rabbi Gary Greenbaum, as he wryly summed up the ongoing challenges of Jewish-Christian relations.  I have recently concluded a two-day conference of the Christian Leadership Initiative (CLI), the program I have been a part of since our study last July in Jerusalem. The theme for […] Read More

Palm/Passion Sunday 2012, interestingly, fell on the same day that Myanmar conducted democratic elections.  Like the triumphant entrance of Jesus just prior to the celebration of Passover, the election to parliament of Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace prize-winner in 1991, brought frenzied celebration and great hope.  We know that the swell of support for […] Read More

I never played Mary in the Christmas pageant, probably because I could not sit in wordless contemplation! Indeed, many little girls prefer to be an angel because at least an angel gets to do something.  Sitting in blue and white in calm repose (as if long travel and labor had not occurred), Mary is simultaneously […] Read More

Pleadingly, the prophet Isaiah writes: “O that you would tear open the heavens and come down  …” (64:1). If writing today, he might put it this way: we desperately need you to show up, O God! This reading from the Hebrew Bible for the First Sunday of Advent begins with lament over the sin of […] Read More

I think I have been looking for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) all my life. Little did First Baptist Church Muskogee know that allowing girls to carry the Bible in the Vacation Bible School procession might give them ideas about opening it – or consider that when we sang “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go” that […] Read More

Children signal the true state of reality. Healthy, happy children reveal civil arrangements that provide services to those who have no choice in the matter; starving, abandoned children give evidence that the ecology of economics, politics and environment is deserting those most vulnerable to the decisions of others.   The faces of children populate the […] Read More