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Author Molly T. Marshall

Molly T. Marshall is president of Central Baptist Theological Seminary (CBTS) in Shawnee, Kansas.

An ancient practice that Baptist congregations and individuals have recently begun to embrace, the Lenten season is all about realism and renewal as we bring our lives before God for examination and deepened relationship. […] Read More

Advent and Christmastide can help persons rekindle a sense of worth, but consumerism distracts us from deeper contemplation of God’s great love for humanity. These suggestions can rekindle that sense of worth in you and others. […] Read More

The ethnic nationalism being bred by the current presidential regime cannot go unchallenged, and seminaries and schools of theology can offer the prophetic word through a new generation of ministers. […] Read More

Names carry an aspirational quality; parents want to grant a graceful gift for a child to carry throughout life. If God were to assign the US a new name reflecting who we are, what might it be? Idolatrous? Cruel? Bully? […] Read More

Lent is about slowing down long enough to feel our longing. It’s about facing our true hunger and thirst, which we often seek to assuage with what will not satisfy. The psalms quench our yearning for deeper intimacy with God. […] Read More

Have you crafted a rule for life? Like a trellis supporting the growth of a plant, it helps determine the direction you go and fosters intentionality for achieving specific goals. Here’s how to do it. […] Read More

As we begin a new liturgical year, asylum-seekers are met at our southern border by soldiers and tear gas. If every congregation would commit to taking one family, the righteous work of hospitality could be done. […] Read More

Although many dismiss inclusive language in Scripture as “politically correct,” it runs much deeper. It is an attempt to speak justly about humans and strives to offer a vision of God beyond gender. […] Read More

White evangelicals overwhelmingly support President Trump, who regularly denigrates women of color. By remaining silent about their candidate’s sexism and racism, they are selling their souls. […] Read More garners timely and effective articles on wide-ranging issues, and the videos draw their constituents into a larger engagement with critical ethical challenges. That’s why I support […] Read More