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Author Mitch Carnell

Mitch Carnell is a member of First Baptist Church of Charleston, South Carolina. He is the author of “Our Father: Discovering Family.” His writings can also be found at

When Pope Francis kissed Dominic Gondreau, a boy with cerebral palsy, on Easter Sunday, he sent a powerful message that needs to be amplified over and over again. God loves all children – those who are well and those who have some challenging condition. Pope Francis compounded his busy Easter duties to demonstrate God’s amazing […] Read More

I am a product of small-town public schools. As the battles rage over what is wrong with our schools and what makes for a good teacher, I think much can be learned from studying my hometown. Woodruff, S.C., is a small, cotton mill town in the Piedmont region. In my youth, the great majority of […] Read More

The Price House, built in 1795, is a historic site in Spartanburg County in South Carolina. My great-grandparents owned the property. My parents as a young couple did much of their courting there. My son, Michael, drove Carol and me there to celebrate the historical association’s Woodruff Days in the town of Woodruff – the […] Read More

The tragedy of Billy Graham’s endorsement of Mitt Romney is not Graham’s choice for president of the United States. It would be the same had he endorsed President Obama. The tragedy is that he made an endorsement at all. His removal of Mormonism from his list of cults and his endorsement are simply the results […] Read More

I have always loved congregational singing. When I was a preschooler on Sunday mornings, the congregation often sang, “Bringing in the Sheaves.” I had no idea what sheaves were, so my young mind translated sheaves into something I knew: sheets. After all, Mondays were laundry days and we hung the sheets on an outside clothesline […] Read More

What gifts were you given, and how have you employed them to further God’s kingdom? During a discussion of talent, I said to Paula Carl, a gifted pianist, organist and conductor, “I am wary about using the term ‘talented’ because I don’t want to imply that you don’t work very hard at what you do. […] Read More

Every day of my life, I give thanks for being an American. I had nothing to do with where I was born, but I am grateful for this accident of birth. I mean no disrespect to any other country. I was born into a working-class family in upstate South Carolina. My parents were the salt […] Read More

Our country and much of the world has expressed shock and horror at the verbal and physical treatment meted out to a 68-year-old grandmother and bus monitor in Greece, New York. Karen Klein tried to maintain her composure while her tormentors continued their assault. Many adults have reacted by sending her money as if a […] Read More

Bullying is growing worse at every level. It is present in homes, schools, playgrounds, sports venues and workplaces. It assaults us on television and over radio. How can the church respond to the growing menace? The Bible gives ample instructions on how to defeat such poison. “Let no evil talk come out of your mouths, […] Read More

I have been thinking about Bill Wilson’s article on the word “just” since it appeared Oct. 31. In fact, the Rev. Bob Boston, retired Presbyterian minister and counselor, had already chastised me about saying, “I’m just a layman.” I understand that the phrase tends to create second-class citizenship for the laity. Using laypeople to teach […] Read More