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Author Mike Kuhn

Mike Kuhn is a professor at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut. He has lived in Middle Eastern countries for 25 years and previously served as pastor of a church in the United States.

While Christians absolute loyalty is to God’s kingdom, we are not called to withdraw from the kingdoms of the world. We can celebrate the good accomplished by a political system, but not to the exclusion of exposing evil and injustice. […] Read More

We must learn how to relate cross-culturally in ways that reflect the beauty and grace of Christ’s gospel because we encounter people from other cultures, nations and faith traditions every day. I shared three suggestions on how to do so in the first part: First, engage with real people face to face. Second, questions that […] Read More

Normal Christian folk are increasingly face to face with people of other faiths, especially Muslims but also with Hindus, Buddhists and others. This thought struck me as I was traveling recently through North America. I watched Somali women line up for childcare outside a center in Seattle. Syrians were picnicking in a park in Langley, […] Read More

A commodity is something that is bought and sold. Mission is the loving and joyful response of Christ’s followers to disciple the nations, holding forth Jesus’ life and teaching among all the peoples of the world. In theory, the two appear to be very distinct concepts. In reality, mission is intricately related to the resources […] Read More

Christianity too often has been divided as a result of failing to emphasize unity amid its various faith expressions. Missiologist Paul Hiebert has offered a positive alternative, sketching out two ways to determine who should be considered a Christian. His concern was the new believer from a non-Christian background who, though desirous to follow Christ, […] Read More

A new word keeps showing up in the news describing radical Islamic groups – “takfÄ«r.” It’s the English transliteration of an Arabic word that means “to anathematize” or “to declare someone apostate or an infidel.” The ideology of takfÄ«rÄ« groups (for example, ISIS, al-Qaida and so on) draws a very tight circle around what is […] Read More

Too often people divide the entire population of the world (7.4 billion, by the way) into two distinct categories – “There are two kinds of people in the world.” The dividing lines could fall at any number of angles depending on the speaker’s point-of-view. Our minds want to categorize – to put people and ideas […] Read More

Things are not always as they seem. An exclusive investigative report in Spiegel, a leading German news outlet, sheds new light on the inner workings of ISIS. The article is based on documentation discovered in the home of one of the Islamic State’s chief architects – Haji Bakr, a former colonel in Saddam’s Air Defense […] Read More

Unless we’ve had the experience of living outside our culture for some time, we may not be aware of the particularities of our culture and have some difficulty articulating what distinguishes our own culture from any other. Our culture is the air we breathe. It is ubiquitous such that our acquiescence to it is rarely […] Read More