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Author Michael Tutterow

Citing the need for a translation and commentary of the Bible that “can speak not just to some people, but to everyone,” renowned biblical scholar N.T. “Tom” Wright translates his keen insights into a readily accessible set of New Testament commentaries. Wright, the Anglican Bishop of Durham, England, and a prolific writer, set out to […] Read More

Robert Webber believes the road to the church’s future runs through its past. In the third installment of his “Ancient-Future Faith” series, Webber, the Myers Professor of Ministry at Northern Seminary and president of the Institute for Worship Studies, draws on historic Christian practices of evangelism to map out a strategy for 21st century church […] Read More

“Racism has prevailed as an organizing principle of religious life” in the United States, laments author Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook. But the ministry of racial inclusion, far from being merely a “program” of the church, can revitalize the church of the 21st century as it reclaims its mission of being an agent of reconciliation and “a house […] Read More

Going against the grain of their evangelical roots, authors Philip Gulley and James Mulholland offer a controversial “Yes” to the question of whether heaven will be the eternal destiny of everyone from Hitler to Gandhi to Mother Teresa. The authors’ universalist conclusions have understandably stirred quite a bit of debate among evangelicals. Gulley, a popular […] Read More

Summer is the time to grab a book and head to some leisurely spot to unwind. Knapp, a Virginia artist who runs a one-woman studio from her home (located in a lawnmower shed she calls her “shedudio”), sculpts with words as artfully as she does with clay. Through a variety of family stories, from childhood […] Read More

North America’s unprecedented prosperity has left our lives full but not necessarily fulfilled. That is because “material advantages can capture the heart,” but they cannot nourish the soul, contends author and advocate Arthur Simon. In his latest book, Simon, founder and president emeritus of Bread for the World, a non-partisan citizens’ hunger lobby, challenges affluent […] Read More

McLaren, founding pastor of Cedar Ridge Community Church in the Washington-Baltimore area, builds off his award-winning book A New Kind of Christian to offer a relevant interpretive word for a postmodern culture. Reading the prequel is not necessary to understand this latest work. Though written as a fictional novel (he terms it a “creative essay […] Read More

In Living on Purpose, Christine and Tom Sine offer a roadmap toward a less stressed, more satisfying and purposeful way of life. The Sines, who consult for Christian and secular organizations around the world, are well-known practitioners of purposeful living, and the book includes some autobiographical references. Christine is an author and doctor who spent […] Read More

Salvation describes any personal, moral, spiritual or physical triumph “whether it changes our lives or changes the way we regard life.” Gertel, the spiritual leader of Congregation Rodfei Zedek on Chicago’s south side, notes that both Christians and Jews have questioned whether Jews believe in salvation. The author contends that “God’s acts of redemption, rescue, […] Read More

With keen insight and practical application to contemporary issues, John Howard Yoder examined the potential secular impact of five biblical practices of the early Christian community in his book, Body Politics (Herald Press). Yoder, professor of ethics and theology at Notre Dame University and Associate Mennonite Biblical Seminary before his death in 1977, believed the […] Read More