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Author Michael Manning

Michael Manning is a co-ordinator of Graih, a charity serving those who are homeless and in insecure accommodation on the Isle of Man. He lives with his family in a shared household and belongs to Broadway Baptist Church in Douglas. He is the author of "No King, But God - Walking as Jesus Walked."

In society and church, our desire to measure and value everything in monetary terms always takes us down the path of dehumanization and idolatry. As people of a gracious God, do we know the most important things in life are free? […] Read More

Our economic system is fundamentally unjust and unjustifiable, allowing the wealthy to accumulate even more while many others struggle to meet the basic needs of life. Can we reimagine a more just economics? […] Read More

How do we confront the structural challenges that break people, rather than offer sticking-plaster solutions? I was invited recently to talk about “patterns of need on the Isle of Man.” I joined colleagues from other charities and agencies as we shared about growing numbers of people in food and fuel poverty, about the prevalence of […] Read More