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Author Michael Leathers

Michael Leathers the copy editor for and the former editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper.

When it comes to sexual assault in our churches, too many Southern Baptist leaders claim they want to find a middle ground. There isn’t one. We must always stand with the victims. […] Read More

“In the Loop”

The one-liners fly off the screen like rapid-fire artillery in the political satire “In the Loop,” triggering long bursts of laughter when they hit their intended targets in the audience. In between those laughs, however, the sobering truth sinks in that the absurdity may not be too far removed from the reality.   “In the […] Read More

No one likes Margaret Tate, tyrannical editor-in-chief of a New York City book publisher in the romantic comedy “The Proposal.” When she enters her office, people start to look busy and go out of their way to avoid crossing her path. Instant messages fly across computers as employees warn their peers that “the witch is […] Read More

For me to tell you that the new romantic comedy “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” is a predictable movie is equally predictable. Anyone who’s read Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” or seen any of its cinematic variations knows exactly how it’s going to end. You can only hope the journey will be worth the trip to […] Read More

“The Soloist”

Friendships are messy things. Telling other people how to fix their lives or finding someone else to clean up other people’s problems is tidier. You’re free to walk away with no responsibilities and a triumphant feeling that you know what’s best. But, as “The Soloist” reveals, if you really want to make a difference in […] Read More

The struggle between getting the story right and getting it first is at the heart of “State of Play,” a journalistic thriller starring Russell Crowe, that’s now in theaters. In a time when daily newspapers are going out of business or shifting to online editions only, I wish the movie had explored and wrestled with […] Read More

Nearly half of all children and teenagers have received e-mails with links to X-rated Web sites, and nearly two-thirds of them have received relationship-oriented e-mails including how to meet singles online, according to a survey released this month. Conducted for the California-based Symantec, which specializes in Internet security technology, the survey underscored the importance of […] Read More

Christian relief agencies are preparing for a massive humanitarian response should the United States attack Iraq. Some leaders of these agencies are also concerned that the months of intense media focus on the march to war has deflected attention away from other areas of the world desperately needing humanitarian assistance. If war begins, that focus […] Read More