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Author Matthew J. Tuininga

During the latter part of the 20th century, as I wrote previously, Vatican II reforms and growing concerns about secularism began to draw Protestants and Catholics together. This convergence has continued into the present among ethicists from both traditions, even as important differences remain. Convergence among theologians and academics is paralleled in culture and in […] Read More

The reformers broke dramatically with the Roman Catholic Church when it came to the doctrines of salvation and ecclesiology. They did not do so with respect to ethics. In fact, in some ways, their views were closer to traditional Catholic ethical thought than they were to much of the Protestant tradition that has followed them. […] Read More

Christians have sometimes claimed that the eighth commandment, “You shall not steal,” forbids government from ever mandating the redistribution of wealth for the sake of the poor. According to this interpretation, the status quo is the result of God’s providence and must be respected. It is up to individuals, not society collectively, to assist the […] Read More

How should the church respond to President Trump’s travel ban? I began wrestling with this question when I read about two Christian families from Syria one recent Sunday morning. After working to attain permission to come to America, they were told upon arriving at the airport that they either needed to leave the country or […] Read More