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Author Matt Sapp

Matt Sapp is pastor of Central Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia.

Prayer is a primary way we communicate with God, and it’s a primary way God communicates with us. If you go to church often, you have been reminded over and over again about the importance of prayer. You’ve been told, “You should have a quiet time every day;” “You should start and end each day […] Read More

Billions of dollars are spent annually on vehicle technology that drivers never use. J.D. Power and Associates released a report last week about technology use in cars, explaining that today’s luxury cars are packed to overflowing with every connected gadget automakers can dream up. Yet car owners aren’t using much of the new technology, for […] Read More

I attended a few weeks ago Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit at Wieuca Road Baptist Church, a satellite host site for the summit in Atlanta. The unofficial motto of the summit is Bill Hybel’s repeated reminder that “everyone wins when a leader gets better.” That’s the goal of the summit: to make leaders – and […] Read More

I was lucky enough to be among 40,000 people attending a recent Rolling Stones concert. It’s amazing that the Rolling Stones have been able to stick together for so long – more than 50 years and counting. But what’s even more amazing is that what worked and connected first in the 1960s still resonates so […] Read More

The guiding principle for every home improvement project of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor from the TV show, “Home Improvement,” was, “More power!” To him, bigger was always better, usually with comically disastrous results. Many of us tend to agree with him, thinking that bigger is better – at home, at work and in our relationships. […] Read More

A man left a dime, a nickel and three pennies in an offering envelope at First United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He wrote these words on the envelope: “Please don’t be mad, I don’t have much. I’m homeless. God bless.” I’ve been convicted recently, as I’ve heard several members from the congregation I […] Read More

We’re facing a mental health crisis in this country. It’s a problem that’s been growing for a long time. Since the 1950s, publicly funded psychiatric care has dwindled, and the availability of hospital beds for psychiatric treatment has nearly disappeared. A USA Today article outlines the deficiencies in our current mental health system. Even beyond […] Read More

Pastors do everything we can during this time of year to remind people that Christmas means that God has chosen to be present and active in our world. This year that’s an uphill battle. Every time I open my web browser or turn on the TV, I’m reminded that God can seem awfully absent sometimes. […] Read More

It’s budget time at our church. Like most churches at this time of the year, our committees and staff members are working hard to figure out how best to use our tithes and offerings as we plan for the coming year. It’s uncomfortable to talk about money and personal finances anywhere, and it can be […] Read More

Bombs are falling on Syria. U.S. bombs are falling on Syria. Bombs we paid for are being used by people who represent us to kill people. For good or for bad, those are the facts. The people targeted by these bombs are our sworn enemies. Given even the slightest chance, they would do us harm. […] Read More