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Author Matt Sapp

Matt Sapp is pastor of Central Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia.

When Jesus calls Matthew to be a disciple (Matthew 9:9-13), we’re told that faithful Jews questioned Jesus’ choice because Matthew was a tax collector who hung out with the wrong kind of people. To respond to the questions of the crowd, Jesus appealed to the prophets Hosea and Micah. When a growing consensus of conventional […] Read More

The U.S. is as divided as it’s been in decades. We’re divided politically and culturally. Geographically, we’re becoming increasingly divided into ever more concentrated conservative and liberal pockets. We’re economically divided, too. The richest individuals are getting richer while most Americans struggle – or fail – to keep up. And our richest states and cities […] Read More

“It’s A Wonderful Life” opens with a conversation between God, St. Peter and Clarence, angel second-class. Clarence is about to get his big chance as a guardian angel, and upon hearing that his charge, George Bailey, is in desperate need of his services, Clarence asks with urgency, “What’s wrong? Is he sick?” To which God […] Read More

How the Cross Fixes Us

Every morning since Ash Wednesday, I’ve driven up to the church and looked at the cross sitting in the front yard. Some mornings, I’ve stopped to post the obligatory “draped cross” image to Instagram. Most mornings I’ve just glanced at our cross as I’ve driven by to make sure it doesn’t need fixing – or, […] Read More

Do you remember what spring break was like? How about the joy and freedom of the last day of school? Or that moment when you’re getting close to the beach and you roll down the windows so you can feel the ocean breeze and taste the salt air? Recently, the kids across the street from […] Read More

Nobody wants to be a quitter. But Bob Goff, author of “Love Does,” says everyone should quit something every Thursday. He argues that quitting has taken on such a negative connotation in our culture that we’re terrified to let go of things even after they’ve long since stopped being helpful or healthy. So we start […] Read More

I’ve listened. I’ve read. I’ve watched. I’ve prayed. I’ve engaged in conversation. And I’ve heard enough. Before the first votes are cast in Iowa this evening, I want everyone to know where I stand. So I’m ready to make my endorsement for the 2016 election. Just kidding. Well, kidding about the endorsement part, but not […] Read More

When David Bowie died last week, I turned to YouTube to listen to “Heroes.” The song, a story of star-crossed lovers, has come to be known for the inspiration in its steadily building crescendo and the repeated statement, “We can be heroes, just for one day.” The song speaks to something in all of us […] Read More

We celebrated the “peace” Sunday of Advent last weekend. On Wednesday afternoon, I was working on my Sunday message as I heard the news about the murders in San Bernardino, California. I’d been thinking, praying and writing about peace. I’d been dwelling on, wrestling with and reading Scripture about how the peace that God offers […] Read More

We move incessantly, haphazardly and compulsively from one screen to another, one device to another, one platform to another, one distraction to another, just one more thing real quick. That’s the way we live our lives, as Glennon Doyle Melton, who blogs at Momastery, noted recently. Highlighting our failure at moderation, she posted the following […] Read More