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Author Martin J. Hodson and Margot R. Hodson

Following the launch of John Reader’s latest book, “Theology and New Materialism,” at Trinity College, Oxford, a group of the attendees continued to meet occasionally at the college to discuss some of the issues arising from the book, funded by the William Temple Foundation. We were particularly interested in how some of the ideas in […] Read More

How do environmental ethics work out in practice in Christian contexts? We can often see tension between caring for the environment and focusing on human concerns. In the past, environmental nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) would not focus on human problems, while world development NGOs would show little apparent concern for the environment. Now it is recognized […] Read More

In 1967, Lynn White proposed that the roots of our contemporary ecological crisis lay with the concept of dominion found in Genesis, and that Western technological development and approach to nature has been based on a concept that humans are separate from nature, with absolute autonomy over it. He proposed an alternative Christian approach, based […] Read More

Is climate skepticism doubt, denial or opposition? Classic “Cartesian Doubt” questions uncertainties but not as an end in itself. Descartes questioned to establish reality. Those who only seek evidence to support their view are opponents or denialists. There are a number of places in the Gospels that record Jesus’ response to doubt and opposition, and […] Read More

As we approach the crucial climate change talks in Paris in November, politicians, scientists and the general public will be discussing the topic and it will be aired on the media. Some will suggest that climate change is not happening, is not caused by humans, or is too expensive to do anything about. But why […] Read More