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Author Marion Carson

In 2015, the European Baptist Federation (EBF) Anti-Trafficking Network will celebrate its 10th birthday. Initially, a core working group was formed to help Baptist churches throughout Europe respond to the problem of modern-day slavery, which is destroying the lives of victims and their families and earning millions for the perpetrators. Its remit was to enable […] Read More

Human trafficking is far removed from the everyday lives of most of us. We might hear about it on the news through reports of young girls being rescued from nightclubs run by gangsters or of a trafficking ring being broken up by police. In the main, however, human trafficking is far removed from our experience, […] Read More

In Britain slavery was abolished in 1833. In France it was abolished in 1848. Other European countries followed suit, some taking longer than others, but today Europe prides itself in it declaration that all men and women are equal. Yet slavery is alive and well in 21st century Europe. Thousands of women throughout Europe are […] Read More