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Author Mandy McMichael

Mandy McMichael is Assistant Director and J. David Slover Assistant Professor of Ministry Guidance in the Department of Religion at Baylor University. She is the author of "Miss America’s God" (Baylor University Press, 2019). McMichael and her husband, Chad Eggleston, have two children.

While it appears odd to prize a day of great darkness and a day memorializing death, Ash Wednesday reminds us God has not left humanity alone in darkness. Jesus was – and will be – there in that darkness. […] Read More

While some folks view Miss America as trivial and inconsequential, the pageant has been continually reinventing itself. In doing so, it has become a deep and complicated trope for what America is and hopes to be, a new book says. […] Read More

Sunday night I settled in with a notebook and pen to watch Miss America, just as I have for the past several years. In 2011, I had the opportunity to attend the 90th anniversary pageant in person in Las Vegas, but a trip to Atlantic City was not in the cards this fall. Over the […] Read More

Rachel Held Evans recently posted a brief piece on CNN’s belief blog about why millennials are leaving the church. If you haven’t taken time to read her insights, I commend them to you. Essentially she argues that millennials are not leaving evangelical churches because they aren’t “hip” enough, but “because we don’t find Jesus there.” […] Read More