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Author M. Imad Damaj

M. Imad Damaj lives in Richmond, Virginia. He is the founder of the Virginia Muslim Coalition For Public Affairs and serves on the board of directors for The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities.

Many Muslims look forward to Ramadan and speak of joy and spiritual anticipation. It reminds all Americans that our nation’s religious freedom, tolerance and diversity are our nation’s greatest strengths. […] Read More

I had the pleasure recently to be invited to the premier of the IMAX documentary “Arabia” at the Virginia Science Museum in Richmond. It was a fascinating film – simple and sincere – that narrates the journey of young Muslims in Saudi Arabia. The high point of the film was a crucial question: How do […] Read More

“Why are you torturing yourself?” my friend asked when he learned that I am abstaining from food, drink and other sensual pleasures from dawn to dusk for a whole month. Worse, I am keeping a regular work schedule. In our society, some see such religious practice as excessive or even harmful. My friend was astonished […] Read More