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Author Lynne Hybels

I stood in a refugee center in the former Yugoslavia in the early ’90s, a country destroyed by the bitter hatred that fueled the Balkan War. I listened, heartsick, to stories of mass rapes of hundreds of Bosnian women by Serbian soldiers. Like the world, I was stunned and horrified by what had happened in […] Read More

I’ve never met a mother who didn’t want her child to grow up to be a kind and loving person. But because my ministry often takes me to conflict zones, I’ve met many mothers for whom that challenge is unusually daunting. In recent years, I’ve traveled extensively in Israel-Palestine, learning from women actively engaged in […] Read More

I signed in early February the World Relief open letter asking President Trump to reconsider his recent executive order impacting refugees. A reporter called asking me to share why I did so. She also asked my opinion on the apparent divide between the pulpit and the pew when it comes to refugees. In other words, […] Read More

Ninety percent of war casualties were male soldiers around a century ago. Today, an estimated 90 percent of casualties are civilians, and 75 percent of these are women and children. In the early 1990s, I traveled with a humanitarian organization to Croatia and Bosnia as those countries were being ripped apart by war with Serbia. […] Read More

“Do you think it’s safe to meet with the Christians? I’m afraid they will hurt you. Please text me as soon as the meeting is done, so I’ll know you’re OK.” These were the words of a junior high-aged Muslim boy when he learned that his Muslim American mother was going to meet with a […] Read More

A year ago I started reading news reports about the humanitarian crisis faced by millions – literally – of Syrian refugees chased by ongoing civil war across the borders of their country into Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Analysts described it as the biggest humanitarian crisis in decades. First-person reports put faces to the men, women […] Read More