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Author Lucas Land

As I wade into Advent, the days of waiting, expectation and longing, I think about Mary, the mother of Jesus. I have been reflecting on Mary’s reaction to Gabriel’s announcement about the conception of her son in Luke 1:26-38 and have been influenced by insights shared by Scot McKnight in his book, “The Real Mary.” […] Read More

I recently ran across this disturbing story by Claire Thompson on about how fracking companies exploit a theological loophole in the religious tradition of the Amish. “Energy companies in eastern Ohio – home to the world’s largest Amish population and billions of dollars’ worth of oil and gas reserves – have been convincing Amish […] Read More

There’s a myth with which we’ve all been indoctrinated. Some call it the “greener grass syndrome” while others believe “progress is inevitable.” Some are working for the golden age of retirement while others want a better spouse, kids, house, car, stereo and so on. Most of our lives are spent thinking about the future. What […] Read More

Sustainability is a word that has been so abused it has almost lost all meaning. Like “green,” “organic,” “natural” or “eco-,” sustainable is appended to many terms – “sustainable growth,” “sustainable development,” “sustainable design,” “sustainable travel” or even “sustainable style.” This is unfortunate, as this word is desperately needed if we hope to have a […] Read More