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Author Lois Mitchell

Christians often don’t talk much about climate change and global warming, but when they do, there are some pretty divergent views. There are those who staunchly argue that the hype around climate change is just fear-mongering based on economic or political agendas or both. There are those who believe that climate change is real and […] Read More

Living in a climate of fiscal uncertainty—which would be a very nonchalant way of describing the current global economic reality—has produced a spirit of reckless fatalism. We may watch the ticker tape on our TV screen show rises and falls in stock prices with detached disinterest—unless, of course, we understand the mechanics of the market […] Read More

I’m fascinated by pilgrimage. For me, the term connotes earnestness, persistence, solitude, inspiration and a touch of holiness. It’s rising above the mundane, shedding the constraints of banality. Pilgrimage is both dogged pursuit and quiet surrender. It’s estimated that more than 100 million people go on pilgrimage journeys annually. They leave their everyday lives for […] Read More

In his book, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” holocaust survivor Victor Frankl said, “On the average, only those prisoners could keep alive who, after years of trekking from camp to camp, had lost all scruples in their fight for existence; they were prepared to use every means, honest and otherwise, even brutal force, theft, and betrayal […] Read More

The thought of child labor makes me cringe. I envision children spending hours every day in repetitive (and sometimes dangerous) work – forced to earn an income to help the family survive, or, more horrifically, because they have no family and are working for their own survival or are the “property” of a ruthless “employer.” […] Read More

Few issues in recent years in Canadian society have sparked as much general public interest and passionate debate as the potential redefinition of marriage. Judicial decisions in three provinces (Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec) have challenged the historic and traditional definition of marriage as the lawful union of one man and one woman to the […] Read More