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Author Linda Brinson

It was Sarah Palin who got the most attention for the false assertion that the health-care reform bill being debated in Congress would create “death panels” to encourage euthanasia of the elderly and infirm, but it apparently was a stalwart of the Christian right that gave her the inspiration.   And now the health-care reform […] Read More

Anyone who watches television, browses the Web or reads print media is probably familiar with the feel-good ads touting the big oil companies as green and eager to lead the way to clean energy technology. Some are cute and animated; some tug at the heartstrings with scenes of natural beauty.   And all of them […] Read More

When a key U.S. House of Representatives committee approved a sweeping clean energy and climate-change bill on May 21, an already intense lobbying campaign ratcheted up even higher.   The House Energy and Commerce Committee voted 33 to 25, largely splitting along party lines, to pass the American Clean Energy and Security Act. The bill […] Read More

A resolution to affirm the religious heritage of the United States has resurfaced in Congress, sparking a familiar debate about whether America is a “Christian nation.”   The Congressional Prayer Caucus, a group of about 40 members of the U.S. House of Representatives that meets weekly to pray in the Capitol, announced on May 7, […] Read More

Is it enough to be tolerant, or should people of faith make more of an effort to reach out to those who follow other religions? Baptist leaders responded to that question, which was prompted by a new Gallup poll, one of the first major studies of how Muslims fit into Western societies since the Sept. […] Read More

Two recent developments helped to energize those who are trying to get a comprehensive energy and global-warming bill through Congress this year.               But, only a few days later, further developments demonstrated just how difficult a task enacting meaningful climate-change legislation continues to be.               On April 24, The New York Times published a devastating […] Read More

If you want to know how high-stakes an issue is in the nation’s capital, take a look at how many people are working to influence federal policy on it.   By that measure, climate-change legislation is one of the hottest games in Washington. In fact, climate-change lobbying is a booming growth industry even as the […] Read More

The “Save Darfur” signs and banners that once sprouted in church yards in America have largely vanished, replaced by notices for some other cause. E-mailed petitions and calls to action that flood the inboxes of Christian activists tend to be about some other problem these days. The evangelicals who in 2006 were running full-page ads […] Read More

One of the oldest Protestant mission organizations has become one of the most forward-looking religious groups when it comes to fighting climate change. BMS World Mission in Great Britain, the world’s oldest Baptist missionary-sending organization, is taking direct action to offset the carbon emissions generated by its extensive travels. BMS World Mission operates in some […] Read More

There is coal, and then there is mountaintop-removal coal. Many environmentalists and political leaders concede that it will take years to wean the nation away from its heavy dependence on coal-fired power plants as a major source of electricity. In the meantime, they work to make existing plants as clean as possible and to oppose […] Read More