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Author Lee Spitzer

We all would acknowledge that recently our country has experienced a great deal of turmoil, pain and stress. What are we witnessing? A lack of civility in both discourse and behavior cuts across all strata of our society and extends even to the presidency itself. Prejudice and xenophobia threaten to become policy, in ways that […] Read More

Anti-Semitism. Racial prejudice and violence. Welcoming refugees from a minority religious background. The relationship between church and state. These societal problems dominate the headlines, and thoughtful Christians are wondering how their faith can inform their responses to such pressing concerns. None of these problems is novel; Baptists throughout the United States wrestled with all of […] Read More

“Who will never be reached with the Gospel if we only do church like we do now?” I recently joined more than a dozen other church leaders from around the country in Alexandria, Va., to explore this question with Bishop Graham Cray, an evangelical Anglican who is the leader of the FreshExpressionsTeamintheUnitedKingdom.  The meeting was […] Read More

I have intentionally waited a few days to write about the meeting at the White House with a delegation of Baptists in order to process my thoughts and feelings. It is a rather “heady” thing to be invited to the nation’s symbol of political power (regardless of who occupies the presidency), and one can’t help […] Read More

Our nation is engaged in an intense debate over immigration and the status of millions of non-documented people in our country. As American Baptists in New Jersey and throughout the country consider all the proposals being debated, I would like to ask us all to reflect upon a number of points. These remarks will not […] Read More