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Author Larry Coleman

It’s done. Death penalty and it’s over. Dylann Storm Roof, fueled by hate groups in which he participated, walked into a Wednesday night Bible study and prayer meeting. The 21-year-old Roof was greeted warmly. The church was hospitable. As the meeting neared its end, he muttered something like, “You people rape our women. You are […] Read More

We live in a world that moves through seasons. We adjust by having different expectations and finding different hopes in each season. The church has always had a seasonal calendar of its own. Baptists, coming out of their Puritan roots, developed their own seasonal calendar deviating from every other denomination – or so we thought. […] Read More

For Baptist churches following the liturgical worship calendar, Lent is a given. However, there are exponentially more pastors who, if they speak the word “Lent,” will be greeted with resistance or even an anti-Catholic rant. Our Puritan forefathers removed virtually all the symbols and liturgy of the ancient church. It took centuries for crosses and […] Read More

A marred Christmas and a marred New Year. Merry has been stolen from Christmas, Happy from New Year’s. As much as we might desire or long to celebrate the birth of God among us, the violence in Newtown, Conn., does not proclaim birth to us, but miscarriage, death, loss and grief. As I come to […] Read More

We have listened to voices claim what must occur to create a better future for our nation. The business sector has clamored for the protection of the wealthiest Americans from taxation because they are the job creators. Closet historians have declared with a Jeffersonian thunder that America is about individualism. It would be unfair to […] Read More

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, observed during the third week of January for the last century, often has been the celebration and prayer of only a few. The week is being observed this year from Jan. 17-24. The week slips past us for many reasons. Because it falls around the weekend of Martin […] Read More

Authority presents itself as an interpretative lens in the gospels over two dozen times. Jesus speaks with authority. Jesus sees the centurion as one who understands authority. Jesus stands before those with authority.   Our understanding of the authority of others, as well as the understanding of how we manage our own authority, will guide […] Read More

Our congregation used the “Beneath the Skin” DVD and study guide for a Wednesday night break-out group this May. The video, broken into shorter segments, and the free study guide provided at were very helpful.   The group that joined me for the study varied from 30 to 80 years of age. The group […] Read More

I was not totally surprised when Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) took to the floor of the House of Representatives introducing House Resolution No. 397 on May 4. Forbes ranted for four and a half minutes, taking issue with President Obama’s statement in Turkey in April.   Obama said that even though our history is replete […] Read More

I haven’t had much empathy for the Republican Party in recent years, but I’m finding myself identifying with Sen. Olympia Snowe these days.    “We have not made any dramatic changes as a party that would suggest there has been any kind of reforming, refining of who we are and what we stand for,” the […] Read More