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Author Kelly Moreland Jones

Kelly Moreland Jones is a fourth-year MDiv student at Central Seminary in the Women’s Leadership Initiative. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and serves as an active deacon at Nashville First Baptist Church.

It was an unforgettable week filled with prophetic preaching, informative panel discussions, interactive small groups and powerful praise and worship. As the geese honked during my meditations, the Spirit gave me 4 lessons. […] Read More

The platform was stacked with white men when the members of the 143rd Tennessee Baptist Mission Board (TBMB) voted not to seat the messengers of First Baptist Church of Jefferson City. Many of the 858 messengers from 390 churches erupted in applause after they officially cut ties with a church they deemed unfit because they […] Read More

Raquel Contreras summarized her call to leadership, saying, “They needed a mother.” Contreras’ story, which she shared at the Baptist Women In Ministry’s Leading Women 2017 conference, held April 26-28, is one of submission and service, love and loyalty, passion and power. I was moved to hear her journey from pastor’s wife and stay-at-home mom […] Read More