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Author Kate Hanch

Kate Hanch is an ordained Baptist minister who is currently a PhD candidate in theology and ethics at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois.

Goodwill Baptists value diversity, but many are still closing the doors of leadership on women and minorities. Even Baptist churches claiming openness to women in ministry are not necessarily including them in all leadership levels. […] Read More

Women preaching aligns with Scripture and invites us to be more fully the body of Christ. Hearing different voices can spark the congregation’s imagination and sense of calling, particularly in the lives of young women. […] Read More

After Rachel Held Evans’ commentary on millennials leaving the church, many people have weighed in on what millennials want, what church looks like and who is to blame for it. While this conversation can be fruitful, I find assigning blame frustrating because pointing to a singular group absolves everyone else of responsibility and reifies the […] Read More

Martha Stearns Marshall Month, which occurs in February, celebrates the voices of women in the pulpit. Martha Stearns Marshall lived during the 18th century and, along with her husband, provided leadership and preaching for Baptist churches in North Carolina and Georgia, and even founded the first missionary Baptist church in Georgia. I first participated in […] Read More

Jesus’ ministry and training extends to all persons. He made disciples from the woman at the well, the Gerasene demoniac, fishermen and Mary Magdalene. He brings Judeans, Gentiles and Samaritans to a deeper faith to the one true God. Jesus’ ministry, as theologian ElisabethSchüsslerFiorenza puts it, is a discipleship of equals, concerned about relationships and […] Read More

A sermon delivered by Kate Hanch, Children’s Pastor and Ministry Associate, preached at the Academy of Preachers Breakout Session at the CBF General Assembly on June 24, 2011. Matthew 5:43-48 Looking at our enemies with God’s eyes.   Love people who hate your guts. Welcome those who would rather ignore you. God sends good times […] Read More

Sometimes, I’m not sure we really want to experience ecumenicalism or diversity. We say we do, but maybe we are afraid of being changed. Most of the ecumenical events I see today seem to bring together persons who are like-minded from the start. They may belong to different churches, but most seem similar in convictions […] Read More