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Author Karen Zurheide

Forty-six years ago, President Eisenhower convened the People to People White House Conference on International Understanding. Walt Disney designed the delightful “It’s A Small World” attraction as a result of those meetings. It may not be Disney’s snazziest ride in 2002, but its message is more timely than ever. Earth is small and getting smaller. […] Read More

What do Katie Couric, Nicole Kidman, Camryn Manheim, J. K. Rowling and about 18 million American women have in common? They are single mothers. Couric, of “Today” on NBC, was widowed when her husband died of colon cancer. Actress Kidman was divorced by Tom Cruise. Manheim, the never-married star of TV’s “The Practice,” had a […] Read More

I used to ignore my contribution to statistics about the time kids spend watching television and videos, playing electronic games and sitting in front of a computer monitor. After all, until recently we had only one television at our house, and we’ve never rushed out to buy the latest versions of electronic gadgets. But my […] Read More

Kids and Heroes

We’ve heard a lot about heroes since Sept. 11. Much discussion focused on New York City’s brave firefighters and police officers, those who lost their lives in the World Trade Center and those who worked on search-and-rescue crews after the buildings collapsed. Much discussion focused on New York City’s brave firefighters and police officers, those […] Read More

Most middle-class kids play a sport or two each season, play an instrument, take art or drama or dance, and belong to a scouting organization–in addition to meeting homework demands and participation in religious activities. From 1981 to 1997, structured sports time for American children doubled, evidence of the trend of over-scheduled kids, according to […] Read More

In spite of what many Christians, perhaps well-meaning, would have us believe, there is no such thing as a Christian party, nor is there always a clear candidate who is God’s man or woman for the job. Perhaps a look at history will help. Two effective and esteemed presidents, Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, were […] Read More

A Bad Sign

Yes, the pastor is a vital part of the church as preacher, teacher, leader, guide, counselor and representative. In some traditions and some congregations, he or she is more dominant than in others. Not caught by architecture awesome or awful, not by landscaping lovely or lacking, not by a provocative sermon title or an impressive […] Read More