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Author Karen Zurheide

Moving Matters, Part II

Two seeming miracles have taken place in Edmond, Okla.—and now I am wishing for even more. As I reported in a previous column, our house went under contract a week after being put on the market, the first miracle. The catch was that we were to close and vacate before Christmas—which also would be several […] Read More

War Hits Home

Tonight I kissed my boy goodnight and tucked him into bed, as again he prayed that we would catch the men we seek and that God would help the war to end soon. I wonder how many more nights he will have to say that prayer … The dream went something like this: All the […] Read More

We’re not wealthy, and maybe we should be putting more money aside for college, but we also believe in investing in the family vacation account, and I think with great benefit. Frequency of family dinners has declined for years. Much of the time that parents and children do spend with each other is in pseudo-togetherness, […] Read More

I hope I am teaching my children to care enough about others—and themselves—to live below their means, to use less than they could, to generously share what they have. Before returning to school from the holiday break, my 14-year-old daughter decided to do something about this problem. It was time to tackle all that had […] Read More

In more ways than one, my work this season is causing me to take a fresh look at my time and priorities, at the meaning of the holidays, at what I want my children to experience this season. These changes are not easy, but I sense that for me they are good. Now in a […] Read More

Growing up in New Hampshire, the child of born-again-yet-mainline Christian parents, there was never a question about Halloween. Almost everyone in our little town of 3,000 participated. The only questions surrounding Halloween were how cold it would be and how many layers of clothing we would need under our costumes—and, of course, would there be […] Read More

In such an appearance-obsessed culture, what messages do we parents want to give our children about the way they look? With all this “self-improvement” taking place around us, should I encourage my children to strive for their own perfect images, to appear to be all that they can appear to be? For starters, take weight. […] Read More

Much has been written over the past decade about “worship wars”—those battles within and between churches over worship style and content. Christian Century recently reported that the chief factor correlated with church growth is worship style. Churches offering “contemporary” worship are adding to their congregational numbers, while churches that don’t, by and large, are not. […] Read More

I recently toured a domestic violence shelter. The facility is a secure site, and visitors are required to sign confidentiality agreements, pledging not to reveal the location or anything about the victims of domestic violence who stay there. Estimates vary, but one national study found that 50 percent of homeless women and children are fleeing […] Read More

About 10 years ago, my then-four-year-old daughter voiced an unusual bedtime prayer. With the kind of sincerity heard only in a young child, she asked God to “let the poor have everything we have.” This prayer caught me off guard. To be sure, I was teaching my child to care about those less fortunate. I […] Read More