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Author Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis pastors Beale Memorial Baptist Church in Tappahannock, Virginia. He holds a D.Min. from Logdson Seminary, where his studies focused on helping rural churches thrive in the midst of 21st Century change. Jonathan is the founder of the Small-Town Churches Network where he shares research and ideas to help rural churches and clergy thrive. He also serves on the Coordinating Counsel for CBF Virginia, and on the Mission Counsel for the Baptist General Association of Virginia.

To honor her late husband’s memory and to recognize outstanding doctor of ministry students, Carol Bratton endowed a scholarship at Logsdon Seminary. With the seminary closing, her refund request was dismissed with laughter. […] Read More

After their first year of using solar panels, a Virginia Baptist church achieved a 43% reduction in annual energy costs, encouraging other nearby community groups to begin discussions on how solar energy can benefit them. […] Read More

Two roadblocks preventing many churches from adopting better environmental stewardship practices are political leanings and distrust of science. Here’s how one church became more eco-friendly, and it started with solar panels. […] Read More

I had no idea what to expect when I got off the plane in Wisconsin for the third national Baptist-Muslim Dialogue. I was honored to have been asked to represent a delegation of Baptists for this historic meeting held on April 16-19. After the meeting, I remain absolutely humbled by being in the presence of […] Read More

Rural churches and ministries face numerous challenges in the 21st century. At some point in a minister’s career, the likelihood of serving in a small-town church seems high, especially if the person transitions from the role of an associate minister to that of a senior pastor. I and many of my friends from seminary have […] Read More

Every Wednesday night, like many churches, our church has a prayer meeting followed by a Bible study. Several months ago, on Epiphany Sunday, I preached a sermon on listening to the Spirit’s voice, and like the Magi from the east, following the signs that God places in our lives. The following Wednesday, a dear friend […] Read More

What are some temptations that small-town pastors face? I’ve been reflecting on this question while working on a sermon series based on Jesus’ three temptations in Matthew 4. For Jesus, the first temptation was the temptation of sustenance – relying on something other than God to sustain him. The second temptation was for power – […] Read More

Homelessness is a significant problem in rural settings – if you can find the rural homeless, that is. Moreover, funding for state and federal dollars is often attached to the number of homeless people identified during a federally mandated annual reporting period. A recent report by the Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues based […] Read More