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Author John Weaver

John Weaver is vice president of the John Ray Initiative (JRI), an educational charity focused on connecting environment, science and Christianity in the United Kingdom. He was principal of South Wales Baptist College until his retirement in 2011 and served as the president of the Baptist Union of Great Britain in 2008-09.

Is the Paris climate agreement an offer of “jam tomorrow,” to quote the White Queen’s offer in “Alice in Wonderland”? COP 21 sought to build on the agreement of the COP 17 “Durban Platform” adopted in 2011, which called for a legally binding international treaty in 2015 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the establishment […] Read More

In the run up to the Paris Climate Change Conference, COP21 – Nov. 30 through Dec. 11 – some significant economic considerations are emerging. A 2006 report compiled by Nicholas Stern dealt with the economics of climate change. A rise of 4 degrees Celsius would put between 7 million and 300 million people at risk […] Read More

Pope Francis has written an exhaustive encyclical to all the churches of the Roman Catholic communion, “Laudato si’, mi’ Signore” (Praise be to you, my Lord). He affirms that all species give glory to God, who cares for each one (Luke 12:6, Matthew 6:26). The pope recognizes the seriousness of the global environmental crisis and […] Read More

Some of the arguments about fracking are foolish. Earthquakes and carcinogens in the water supply, the closure of major petro-chemical plants, and no gas for our central heating systems reflect the agendas of particular groups. Many opponents want to preserve local environments, while a large number of those in favor, despite their apparent sincere concern […] Read More

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its fifth report in September 2013. Sir John Houghton, a well-known Christian activist and former member of Kidlington Baptist Church in Oxford, had chaired IPCC’s Science Working Group for the previous two reports and noted the following points: â—     It is extremely likely (that is, more than […] Read More

While we celebrated Christmas in our churches, those returning from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen might rightly conclude that self is king, mammon is god, and nature weeps. There was a failure to agree on a legally binding deal to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and a failure to commit the funding […] Read More

At the beginning of 2008 I had the opportunity to visit Nepal, organized by BMS World Mission. One of the projects I visited was the People, Energy, Environment and Development Association, where I met Narayan Prasad Chaulagain, who has conducted a long-term study of hydrological, meteorological and glaciological data from the Nepal Himalayas.   We […] Read More