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Author John D. Pierce

John D. Pierce is executive editor / publisher at Nurturing Faith Journal and Bible Studies (formerly Baptists Today).

Love of a white nationalistic agenda is neither truly American nor Christian. Certain pious politicians and politicized preachers act in the same self-serving ways their predecessors enabled and excused gender and racial inequality. […] Read More

Truth can be unsettling. That’s why so many ignore it in favor of false but more comfortable narratives. For those who dare to face uncomfortable truth – since Jesus said such is the key to personal and spiritual freedom – there is a new resource worth reading: “Unsettling Truths: The Ongoing, Dehumanizing Legacy of the […] Read More

Following Jesus has gone from being a sacrificial, ongoing calling to a sure-step, definable formula, in which one is free to ignore all kinds of things Jesus said and did – and still claim to be Christian. […] Read More

James 2:19 observes, “It’s good that you believe that God is one. Ha! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble with fear.” Rather than using the more commonly translated – “Good!” or “Good for you!” – the Common English Bible renders as the middle line in the well-communicated English term as “Ha!” That verse […] Read More

Generally, most of us want to be nice – and are deemed nice. We care about people and respect their differences; we seek to be around nice people ourselves. Persons who don’t behave nicely in our society create enough ugliness – with no need for us to add any more. So, setting our response default […] Read More

Jesus’ life and teachings didn’t matter very much. At least that’s the idea one gets from those U.S. Christians who see his only earthly purpose in coming to die as a penalty for human sinfulness – and then rocketing off to heaven to fix up some cushy mansions for our afterlife while awaiting our arrival. […] Read More

During my formative years, sin was pretty easy to identify if not avoid. Sin was playing poker, drinking beer, missing a church service (without going to another on vacation and bringing a bulletin for proof), holding baseball practice on Wednesday night, lusting over Raquel Welch and a few other “don’ts” and a “do” or two. […] Read More

Fundamentalism involves attitudes and resulting behaviors as well as beliefs. That most-helpful insight was clarified for me years ago when reading the thorough and thoughtful theological treatment of the subject by Fisher Humphreys and the late Philip Wise in “Fundamentalism” (Smyth & Helwys, 2004). This important distinction should keep astute persons from labeling all theologically […] Read More

Many persons of a variety of religious backgrounds – including this Baptist editor – are alarmed by Georgia Baptist editor Gerald Harris’ insinuation that America’s guarantee of religious freedom should be limited for Muslims. Atlanta Journal-Constitution political columnist Jim Galloway today pointed to Harris’ June 6 editorial in The Christian Index, a historic and now […] Read More

A college introductory course in sociology of religion was very mind opening for me. It helped me to see how belief systems and institutional religious practices are shaped by cultural contexts. Factors other than the movement of God’s Spirit are at work from worship times and settings to theological conclusions and religious expressions. None of […] Read More