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Author Joel Snider

Joel Snider is a coach for the Center for Healthy Churches.

Some churches handle difficulties well; others avoid problems hoping they resolve themselves. The key is leadership. Here are 6 characteristics to help you identify your church’s mature leaders. […] Read More

Have you ever: Sent a text that the recipient misinterpreted? Wondered how to decipher an angry sounding email you received? Congratulated someone on Facebook for an accomplishment, only to discover the news was still confidential? If you haven’t had one of these experiences, you’ve had one similar. We can all share stories of digital communication […] Read More

I read about a woman in New York City who was interviewed as she departed church one Sunday. A reporter asked, “What is Easter?” The woman said, “Easter is when we throw off the robes of winter.” A critic of Christianity said, “Easter is a spring ritual celebrating the ancient myths of the Mediterranean mind.” […] Read More

David and Saul had a rocky relationship at best. Saul’s roller-coaster personality did not lend itself to stable interactions, particularly with someone he found as threatening as David. A major set of events in their relationship is reported in 1 Samuel 24-28. The accolades of the people, “Saul has slain his thousands and David his […] Read More

When we were small children, the future was simply tomorrow. While it seemed distant, it was only a good night’s sleep away. Later, the future turned into dreams: What will you be when you grow up? The future felt like it was eons away but beckoned us with possibility. In these periods of our lives, […] Read More

Any homeowner can tell you concrete cracks. Metal rusts. Wood warps. Caulk fails. Paint peals and sunlight fades everything. Sometimes, we can get by with touching up our home’s age spots. But, if we own the house long enough, we eventually face a remodeling job. The process at work in an aging home is nothing […] Read More

The local church saved my family. My mother-in-law died 25 years ago, and one of my wife’s brothers, also a pastor, preached the eulogy. His title for his message was “How the Church Saved My Family.” In it he described his mother’s home life as a child. He held nothing back as he explained that […] Read More

I returned to my home state of West Virginia recently to conduct a funeral for a distant relative. Following the service at the funeral home, we drove to the cemetery in a procession. After arriving, I walked to the back of the hearse where I joined the funeral director and six pallbearers I did not […] Read More

Few people think they are prone to greed. That was the result of an anecdotal I conducted recently as I was preparing a sermon on this topic. Folks admitted to anger, envy and gluttony, but no one confessed a problem with greed. A few attributed greed to others, but not to themselves. These isolated responses […] Read More

The seven “deadly sins” are well known to most, and many make perfect sense. Of course anger is a deadly sin. News stories about road rage and disgruntled workers shooting former co-workers remind us of the deep anger that permeates society. Envy has destroyed many relationships and on a national level can lead to war. […] Read More