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Author Joe LaGuardia

Michael Moroz, a high school student and editor of his school newspaper, missed a few days of school in early January because of threats made against his life. The lethal reaction resulted from an editorial Moroz ran, along with an opposing viewpoint penned by one of his peers, criticizing student protests at the University of […] Read More

Slavery, discrimination and contemporary conflicts surrounding race did not suddenly appear out of nowhere. So argued Karen Woods, associate pastor of missions at Trinity Baptist Church in Conyers, Georgia, in her thesis on race relations in the local church, written as a requirement for her master of divinity degree. The dysfunction of racism, Woods wrote, […] Read More

Millions flocked last weekend to watch “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the seventh film in a franchise often dubbed the greatest science fiction movies of all time. The franchise’s momentous history is not only due to its award-winning special effects, memorable characters and lofty music score, but also its ability to tap into the religious […] Read More

Many church visitors over the past two years found the congregation I pastor by our website. Our online presence appears to be a major draw for our guests, second only to personal invitations. If our experience is reflective of a larger trend, then it stands to reason that churches, especially those concerned about fulfilling Jesus’ […] Read More

Churches have been scrambling to attract young adults for the last few decades. Reaching this age group is a momentous task that requires changes in worship, leadership, preaching and outreach. Much of this change has been for the better – an ever fluid and reforming church is usually one with an eye toward the Holy […] Read More

I spotted a painting of the Last Supper of Christ several years ago when throwing away trash in our apartment complex’s dumpster. Unlike the Da Vinci paintings I had seen before, this one was different: All of the disciples and Jesus were people of color. I took the painting home and showed my wife, wiped […] Read More

An advertisement from a church looking for a new pastor caught my attention. It read: “Wanted: Pastor for small church. Must excel in preaching, teaching, pastoral care, administration, leadership, vision setting, missions, ministry, church growth. Also, 10 years experience a must.” A satirical ad for a pastoral position, similar in tone, added to the above […] Read More

For all of its bad ratings and lousy plot points, the movie “Waterworld” with Kevin Costner had a creative premise. Costner plays the Mariner who must fight for his life on his ship within a (literal) sea of villains and mercenaries. The story takes place in the near future, when melting polar ice caps result […] Read More

There is no little controversy surrounding education reform of late, particularly as it relates to Common Core, an education initiative originally proposed by governors across the nation. Common Core, though confused by myths and misnomers, provides nationally recognized benchmark standards and competencies in mathematics and language arts. When I taught high school social studies, I […] Read More

Christianity is a collaborative faith. In a letter to churches in Corinth, the apostle Paul confronted several congregations that were arguing with each other. The thrust of his message was that no two churches were alike and each one served a purpose in the body of Christ. In 1 Corinthians 12:27, he wrote, “All of […] Read More