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Author Jodi Mathews

Two-thirds of parents think seeing and hearing alcohol advertising makes it more likely that teenagers will drink, and nearly three-fourths say alcohol companies aren’t doing enough to limit exposure of their ads to young people, according to a survey. Peter D. Hart Research Associates and Georgetown University conducted the survey released last month. Parents in […] Read More

Even though the crime rate is down, prison populations grew 2.6 percent last year, according to the most recent Bureau of Justice statistics. More than 2.1 million persons were incarcerated in federal, state or local facilities at the end of last year, according to the report. The growth rate in the number of prisoners was […] Read More

Faced with a tough job market and concerns about age discrimination, some older job seekers are attempting to hide their age from prospective employers. Everything from omitting dates from one’s resume to coloring one’s hair, or even getting plastic surgery all might offer older job hunters a competitive edge, according to a story on the […] Read More

With Hispanics now ranked as the largest minority group in the United States, banks around the country are working hard to cater to this increasingly affluent market. Merrill Lynch, Citibank, Bank of America and others are streamlining services to cater to Hispanics in more ways than just offering cheap checking accounts, according to USA TODAY. […] Read More

Nearly one in five Americans, or 18 percent, was laid off during the 2000-2003 recession, according to a new study. And not only are workers losing their jobs, but their employers are not providing them with adequate resources in the in-between times. Two-thirds of workers laid off in the last three years received no severance […] Read More

Americans aren’t the only ones battling the bulge nowadays. Obesity has become a worldwide problem, spreading to nearly every corner of the globe. In Germany, every third child under age 12 and every fifth teenager are overweight, according to the New York Times. And the so-called healthy Mediterranean diet hasn’t saved more than 70 percent […] Read More

Before kids head back to school, consumers are heading to stores, and retailers are hoping that increased spending this year signals a recovering economy. The National Retail Federation says spending for the back-to-school season will pump $14.1 billion into the economy. A new survey by the retailers’ association found that families with school-aged children will […] Read More

Meet the Metrosexual

Macho is out, and the well-dressed, wine-savvy, salon-visiting, body-conscious, gourmet cook is in. This brave new breed of men, who are in touch with their feminine side while decidedly straight, represents a growing population segment termed “metrosexuals.” Overseas, the poster-boy for metrosexuals is soccer star David Beckham. One of England’s biggest celebrities and married to […] Read More

The well-being of American children is improving in many areas, according to a recent report. Infant and childhood death rates are down. There are fewer young people smoking and fewer children exposed to second-hand smoke, according to the government report, America’s Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being 2003. The report also showed that fewer adolescent […] Read More

Gambling among America’s youth is on the rise, and experts say the long-term stakes are high since young gamblers are the most likely to develop addiction problems. While the games are typically small-time—underage purchases of lottery tickets or playing cards or dice games for spare change—experts say the wider availability and growing social acceptance of […] Read More