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Author Joao Chaves

João Chaves has a Ph.D. in religion from Baylor University. He serves as Associate Editor for "Perspectivas"—the Journal of the Hispanic Theological Initiative and is the author of the forthcoming book “The Global Mission of the Jim Crow South.”

The populist leaders of the US and Brazil enjoy widespread support from evangelicals, leading them to reject science and favor religion for solutions. When it comes to responding to the COVID-19 crisis, the results are devastating. […] Read More

To celebrate Jesus as Lord – like the crowds did as he entered Jerusalem – means following his lead in giving his life for others. In a nation inundated with nationalism, cutthroat capitalism and individualism, is that possible? […] Read More

A significant issue that inhabits the white Christian imagination is the distorted idea that racism is somehow something foreign to Christianity. Racism is often perceived as an external threat that can taint “true” Christian practices and ideological commitments and thus strip Christianity of its alleged purity. The recent popularity of theological tendencies that make sharp […] Read More

The animated movie “The Boxtrolls” offers insight into the ongoing U.S. debates over immigration. I watched the film, which is based on the novel, “Here Be Monsters,” by Allan Snow, some time ago with these immigration battles in mind. I could not help but notice some similarities between the movie and the way in which […] Read More