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Author Jim West

It is extraordinarily important that Baptists and those curious about Baptists should be directed to sites that are more than misinformed Web-filler. Since those humble beginnings Baptists have spread around the world ”and the World Wide Web. In observance of the approaching 400th anniversary of Baptist beginnings, the Baptist History and Heritage Society is publicizing […] Read More

The Bible in Wilson County

Terry Redmon is an activist trying to persuade the school board Wilson County, Tennessee, to implement a “Bible elective” course to help students understand the Book’s impact on world history. At face value this would seem to be remarkably important, especially from the point of view of a devout Christian like Redmon, who insists he […] Read More

Not long ago a resolution made its way to the public forum from a couple of conservative Southern Baptists urging members of Southern Baptist churches to withdraw their children from public schools. As I kept watch on the news headlines, I expected that someone, somewhere, would propose a resolution to the contrary, reminding believers of […] Read More