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Author Jim Wallis

Beyond all the important things that we are doing, there is one thing that we all must now do: stop the genocide in Darfur. For some time now, the world has known the facts of Darfur: up to 450,000 people dead and nearly 3 million displaced–black citizens (mostly Muslims) of the western region of Sudan […] Read More

Bill Coffin has died. Rev. William Sloane Coffin was likely the most influential liberal Protestant clergyman and leader of his generation. One of the first white men to go South and be arrested in the civil rights movement, one of the first church leaders to dissent from the Vietnam War, one of the first moral […] Read More

Iraq: One Year Later

Nearly 600 American soldiers have died in Iraq–six more just last weekend. More than 3,000 have been wounded or maimed. Reliable accounts say more than 10,000 Iraqi civilians have lost their lives. No weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq. U.S. weapons inspector David Kay has reported that they probably weren’t there, and […] Read More

Super Bowl Sleaze

Next year, put your kids to bed BEFORE the Super Bowl. I’ll admit it, I like a good football game, and this turned out to be a very good one, after a boring, slow start. But what everybody was talking about the next day was the baring of Janet Jackson’s right breast. Justin Timberlake’s little […] Read More

Last week the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that gay and lesbian couples in that state are legally entitled to marry, thereby entitling them to the same “legal, financial, and social benefits” as heterosexual couples. The topic now seems destined to continue as one of the most controversial issues in America, and will likely play a […] Read More

You’ve gotten a lot of press this week, General. You’ve gotten a lot of press this week, General. Perhaps you didn’t expect the things you’ve been saying in churches to go public–about America’s “Christian army,” the holy war we’re waging against the “idol” of Islam’s false God, and the “spiritual battle” we’re fighting against “a […] Read More

Unbelievable Destruction

I spent this evening with two dear friends whose lives are committed to peace and justice, and whose hearts are breaking over the horrific violence in the Middle East. Jean Zaru is a Palestinian Quaker whose daughter just told her on the telephone, “Mother, if you came back to Ramallah, you wouldn’t recognize it. The […] Read More

Call to Renewal had a very bipartisan conversation this week (March 27). A strong delegation of faith-based organization leaders spent Tuesday (March 26) at the White House and on Capitol Hill, talking with Republicans and Democrats about poverty. Our immediate discussion was about the crucial political debate shaping up on the re-authorization of welfare reform, […] Read More