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Author Jim Holladay

Jim Holladay is pastor of the Lyndon Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

As many churches cancel their services to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, is it possible this period of forced exile from our normal routine may in reality lead to strengthening and renewing us? […] Read More

One more week and it will all be over! All the campaign ads, the mudslinging, the distortions, the character attacks—after next Tuesday it will all end, and we can get back to other things; we can have our televisions back. But will it really be over? Or will it just be beginning? After all, the […] Read More

Editor’s Note: The Baptist Center for Ethics’ 15th anniversary luncheon, June 22 in Atlanta, honors the legacies of T.B. Maston and Henlee Barnette. Today Jim Holladay, a former student and friend, profiles Barnette. The first time I saw Henlee Barnette, I wondered, “Who is this strange man who wears his watch on the outside of […] Read More

America’s noble experiment–universal education for all citizens–is a cornerstone of our democracy. The idea of a system of universal education is as old as our republic. No lesser lights than Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Noah Webster promoted a system of universal education that would extend through adolescence. Jefferson believed that such an approach to […] Read More

Reflections on Redemption

Redemption. The word has been bantered around frequently in the days leading up to the execution of former gang member Tookie Williams. Williams claimed that he had experienced redemption while in prison. During his 20-plus years on death row he renounced his involvement with the Crips, apologized for the damage he had done as a […] Read More