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Author Jerry Young

What is your working definition of a Christian? And who gets to decide whether or not a person is a Christian? In certain quarters, those are topics of great importance. During the last presidential election cycle, there were frequent articles about whether or not Mitt Romney, a Mormon, was a Christian. The same issue is […] Read More

Graduation week at The John Leland Center for Theological Studies is an occasion that puts me in a reflective mood. In 1970, it was me, and the world was changing. Rapidly. But since the church in general and Baptists in particular tend to lag at least several decades behind the rest of the culture, it […] Read More

For more than 37 years, “Saturday Night Live” has presented comedy sketches that offer up parodies of our culture and our politics. The targets of these sketches have not exempted any significant cultural or political targets. And yet, when my group is the target of a sketch, I can easily begin to feel singled out […] Read More