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Author Jerry A. Hudson

Why is the Bible so often described as the ultimate authority and foundation of the U.S. evangelical church? Isn’t the ultimate authority of the faith actually Jesus, God in human form, the one who fully embodies the Almighty, saves us from sin and separation from the Divine, and guides us through both his teachings and […] Read More

When a tragedy of human violence occurs, what is our general reaction? Revenge? Retaliation? Hatred? Do we seek to follow the teachings of the one we call Lord, or do we follow our own convictions in the name of self-protection and the old eye-for-an-eye narrative? Last Wednesday, we witnessed another heinous act of mass violence, […] Read More

There are many professing believers who claim Jesus as Lord, but few who want to follow his counterintuitive teachings on living spiritually in the world. The directives Jesus gives his followers are no more specific than in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). Yet, in many Christian circles, it seems concepts such as humility, […] Read More