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Author Jerrod Hugenot

The Gospel of Matthew tells two stories that juxtapose the responses of those who look upon the death of Jesus and those who will see the resurrected Christ. The Roman guards are terrified twice over: at Christ’s death and at the angel’s announcement of Christ’s resurrection. Indeed, the local Roman authorities do everything to silence […] Read More

A fountain in Washington Park in Albany, New York, offers insight and perspective for local churches. When I first visited, I noticed the beautiful statuary all around the fountain’s center. From a distance, I wondered if it was Poseidon with his trident upraised and attended by his court. As I got closer, I realized that […] Read More

The Abyssinian Baptist Church surely is among the great congregations to rise up and minister to the urban multitudes in the history of New York City churches. Among their past ministers, Adam Clayton Powell Sr. is among the most visionary. He led the church to move to Harlem to replant the congregation amid neighborhoods changing […] Read More

A lay leader called with a problem I suspect some church leaders are also wrestling with: a likely low attendance on the last Sunday of the year – Christmas Day, Dec. 25. He asked for some ideas about a “Lessons and Carols” service as a way to have an easier service working with limited numbers […] Read More

The word “risk” carries differing meanings for congregations. Appropriately, churches need to talk honestly and always about the need for “risk management,” particularly as congregations must have processes that protect minors from abuse and harm. We benefit greatly from being “risk adverse” when it comes to church upkeep – reducing tripping hazards and other perils […] Read More

I worked previously at a Cokesbury Bookstore located on the campus of Central Baptist Theological Seminary. A smaller store than most Cokesbury-owned stores, we had a lot of customers who sought out the specialist books carried in a more “academic” type religious bookshop. We handled all the seminary course texts and then had the overhead […] Read More

It was a beautiful night under the stars. A group of us stood at a place overlooking the city of Budapest in Hungary. Our host, a local Baptist minister, took our Ottawa University choir group on a tour of the city, regaling us with stories and a wonderful meal. You cannot go anywhere in the […] Read More

I visited a congregation in New York’s Adirondack Mountains recently for a conversation about pastoral transition. As I got out of my car, I looked around at the old graveyard surrounding the church building and snapped a quick photo with my iPhone. Something about the near twilight time stirred something within me. Of course, a […] Read More

Zephaniah is not one of the more popular baby names nowadays, yet it is an important name to remember in this season of Advent. The biblical prophet Zephaniah spent much of his time railing against the excesses of the nation. His teachings are structured around nine long teachings, or oracles, eight of which are laden […] Read More

Dispelling many misconceptions or thin understandings of the ancient patterns of Christianity marking its days and years faithfully is particularly important during the season of Advent. Liturgical scholar and theologian Laurence Hull Stookey’s book, “Calendar: Christ’s Time for the Church,” is especially helpful in this endeavor. This text on the liturgical year fleshes out the […] Read More