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Author Jennifer Bryson

What would it mean for Christians to make listening a cornerstone of Christian-Muslim relations? David Vishanoff calls this “sacrificial listening.” Vishanoff is a professor of religious studies at the University of Oklahoma. He grew up in France, where his parents were Christian missionaries, and he attended Gordon College in Massachusetts. In an 18-minute talk (timestamp […] Read More

Rick Love’s book, “Grace and Truth: Toward Christ-like Relationships with Muslims,” focuses on nine biblical principles for seeking Christ-like relationships with Muslims. They are: Be faithful to God’s truth – the whole truth. Be Jesus-centered in our interaction. Be truthful and gracious in our words and witness. Be wise in our words and witness. Be […] Read More

I think I am allergic to interfaith dialogue. When I get near “interfaith dialogue” events, I begin to gnash my teeth in frustration at the tendency toward superficial, lowest-common-denominator discussions about how similar we all are and the often-aggressive hostility toward very basic religious practices such as evangelization. When I, as a Christian, am asked […] Read More