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Author Jeannie Babb Taylor

We have all been wounded at some time by one who should have only loved us. Every life has a Judas. His name is synonymous with betrayal. We like to vilify Judas, to make him the enemy of Christ and the Gospel. The other apostles recorded his damnation with the indelible ink of history. The […] Read More

Have you heard the latest buzz? Some writers and commentators are now calling the recession a “he-cession.”   The new word, coined somewhere out on the blogosphere, incites fear and trembling in the masses because now the recession is actually affecting, well, men. Times Online ran a headline: “Women are victors in ‘mancession.'” Women may […] Read More

Why are Southern Baptists suddenly reluctant to use their own name?   For an example of what I’m talking about, look at the explanation on the web page of Louisburg Southern Baptist Church in Kansas about its name change: “We are still SBC; we still believe in inerrancy; we still cherish our seminaries and mission […] Read More

Whether we are parents, teachers or just adults observing teenagers at the mall or the movie theater, it is easy to give in to the sentiment that kids today are a real mess, and therefore our society is headed for trouble. Major news carriers have nothing good to say about young people. Drugs are epidemic. […] Read More

An old pro-life slogan says, “If it’s not a baby, then you’re not pregnant.” One could add, “If you’re not pregnant, it can’t be an abortion.” Medical and surgical abortions can only be performed on pregnant women. Apparently that’s not so obvious to President Bush and his minions. The Bushies have cooked up a diabolical […] Read More

Magazines and other media often paint environmentalism as a more expensive lifestyle choice. Often they use the “green” mantra to promote companies who pay for advertising. Every product that is manufactured (even if it is “green”) requires energy to produce and fuel to distribute. Each of these products also creates its own waste stream. Instead […] Read More

If you think females have achieved equality in the United States, just scan the headlines. Misogyny is alive and well. Consider the Marine who raped his female comrade, then killed her and buried her in his back yard to avoid a paternity test. Consider also the husband who stabbed his wife and then burned his […] Read More

During the Christmas holidays, several news outlets carried an article about Rudy Giuliani reading the Christmas story at a children’s home in Harlem. The heart-warming headline was followed by a story explaining that he is following up on a 14-year tradition. Every December Giuliani goes to the children’s home to read “Twas the Night before […] Read More

Barbie Poisoning

I remember the year I eased the Barbie ban. It started with a lazy holiday shrug and ended with a dozen naked plastic bodies strewn about the house. I never bought a Barbie myself. Yet, a few years and a few children later, the Barbie population in our house surged beyond a hundred. Not that […] Read More

A really dangerous series of books has become popular. The first book is so innocuous that many people give it to their children. The tale begins with a couple of innocent kids exploring the simple goodness of the world around them. Soon they find out that humans are not alone in the universe, and that […] Read More