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Author Jack Moline

Jack Moline is President of Interfaith Alliance and a Conservative rabbi.

Faith traditions have rituals in abundance. They have the capacity to convey meaning that might otherwise have been left unexpressed. And no more expressive ritual exists than a military burial in Arlington National Cemetery. […] Read More

When people are so focused on their own desires or needs to the point they can imagine nothing else, they will invariably worship the one who claims to be able to assuage their hunger, opening a door to exploitation and oppression. […] Read More

Expressing an idea, concept or feeling in uncomplicated language lets something profound rise above the craft of constructing a meaningful phrase. The simplest words – as opposed to simplistic words – are often the most eloquent. […] Read More

When our ancestors first came to America, they arrived seeking a better life to sustain them. It’s no different today for those trying to cross our southern border. An ancient story illustrates the futility of being angry at them. […] Read More