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Author Jack Brymer

Smokers Without Shame

While stopped at a traffic light on a busy highway exit, I noticed what look like a slight blanket of snow on the shoulder of the road. A closer look, however, revealed hundreds, if not thousands, of cigarette butts. In the car ahead of me, the window was rolled down and the driver’s arm extended […] Read More

A Time for Traveling Light

The biblical account of the exodus of the Israelites from the bondage of the Egyptians provides a most interesting survival technique that may be appropriate for modern-day America. The clue is found in the book of Exodus, verse 39 of chapter 12: “They baked unleavened bread from the dough that they had brought out of […] Read More

It appears that Christianity’s monopoly of the national holiday known as Christmas is being challenged, and many of us don’t like it. In recent weeks, groups across America have been organized to “fight” what is considered a growing “anti-Christian” trend. In schools, shopping malls and neighborhoods, the term “Happy Holidays” is being seen more and […] Read More

Although most shopping malls are already decorated for the holiday season, which traditionally begins Thanksgiving weekend, finding something for which to be thankful is a task for many. The death of my eldest brother last week has cast a pale of sadness on the family. Recovering from the recent hurricanes and floods will carry a […] Read More

Hurricanes, famine, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes: Every time we pick up the newspaper or turn on the television or radio, it seems there is yet another calamity somewhere in the world. The presence of Hurricane Ivan is a perfect example. Even before Ivan hit the Gulf Coast, the Red Cross and other relief agencies were pleading […] Read More

The increasing violence in the name of religion staggers the imagination. In fact, one wonders if religion does not provoke more strife than it prevents. Yet, it is nothing new. A cursory review of history would certainly support such a conclusion. Some suggest, for example, that Islam has one of the bloodiest records of the […] Read More

“Torture, burning at the stake and other punishment for the faithful condemned as witches or heretics by church tribunals during the Inquisition was not as widespread as commonly believed, the Vatican said Tuesday.” This lead paragraph in an Associated Press news article published recently in newspapers around the world should serve as a wake up […] Read More

The thought of digging a hole waist deep, binding a woman’s arms, covering her head with a black scarf and standing her in the pit for a mob of frenzied men to stone her until dead is beyond my comprehension for sane people. The alleged crime? Prostitution. This is a scene in the opening chapter […] Read More

A Haunting Question

Greetings from the campus of Mount Meru University near Arusha, Tanzania, in eastern Africa. This is my third and most gratifying voluntary mission to the only Baptist university in the whole of East Africa, a tribute to the missionary enterprise of Baptists in the United States. Established in 1962 as the International Baptist Theological Seminary […] Read More

At about this time last year, my wife and I were prepared to leave for a volunteer mission project in Nairobi, Kenya. Fear of impending war in Iraq at the time and earlier terrorist attacks in the east African nation prompted officials of the Baptist World Alliance, the host organization, to reschedule the event. On […] Read More