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Author Israel Olofinjana

Israel Oluwole Olofinjana, a Yoruba Nigerian coming from a Pentecostal background, is the founding director of Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World, author and editor of several books, and an ordained and accredited Baptist minister. He is the pastor of Woolwich Central Baptist Church, a multi-ethnic, multicultural inner city church in south east London. Israel is an Honorary Research Fellow at Queens Foundation in Birmingham, UK.

How can we best equip and disciple second-generation Africans for mission in non-African nations, such as Britain or the U.S.? A new book offers some suggestions. […] Read More

What are black majority churches? The history of black majority churches in London is phenomenal because within a short period of 60 years they have grown from rejection to influence. Black majority churches growth began in earnest with the arrival of the Empire Windrush, the famous ship that brought Caribbean migrants in 1948. This trend […] Read More

The 150th anniversary of Samuel Ajayi Crowther’s ordination in England’s Canterbury Cathedral as the first African bishop was June 29. While this is worth celebrating, it is important to understand Samuel’s life and learn from his pioneering role. He was born Ajayi in a little town called Osogun, now Oyo State, Nigeria in 1810. One […] Read More

John Wilson was one of the most significant church and public leaders in 19th-century England. As the pastor of Woolwich Tabernacle—which merged together with Conduit Road Baptist in 1969 to form Woolwich Central Baptist where I serve as pastor— Wilson exercised leadership influence across the United Kingdom and particularly in the community of Woolwich. In […] Read More

Conversations are ongoing about “reverse mission,” as some are arguing that the term should be dropped because it sounds arrogant and divisive. In responding to those who reasoned that it sounds or appears arrogant, I would suggest that a proper understanding of reverse mission actually reveals the opposite of arrogance. The term is suggesting and […] Read More

The subject of reverse mission, that is, missionaries and pastors from former mission fields now ministering in Europe and North America, is becoming a phenomenon that is attracting the attention of both academics and the media. The BBC documentary titled “Reverse Missionaries,” which aired in March 2012, is an example of the latter. Within academic […] Read More

In recent years, London has been blessed with many new Baptist churches, which have brought fresh energy, cultural diversity and bore much fruit. Many have members who have come from a Pentecostal or charismatic background and have a different attitude toward the congregational type of church governance long considered essential to the Baptist DNA. Last […] Read More