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Author Ircel Harrison

Ircel Harrison is coaching coordinator for Pinnacle Leadership Associates and is supplemental associate professor of missional theology at Central Baptist Theological Seminary.

My grandson, Noah, and I visited Washington, D.C., recently, and one of the highlights was a tour of the U.S. Capitol. We had done this before, but each time is a learning experience. As our guide pointed out the statues in the Rotunda and in Statuary Hall, both Noah and I noted an interesting juxtaposition. […] Read More

My grandfather adhered to the position that the pastor of a Baptist church should preach on Sunday and “have a real job” the rest of the week. He was proud of me when I became a minister, but I am not sure that he ever accommodated himself to the fact that I was paid a […] Read More

Effective leaders must not only be agile in navigating a changing context, but they must be anticipatory as well, perceiving what’s ahead before it is clearly manifested. Business strategist Daniel Burrus makes this point in a recent blog post and suggests that such leaders must create change and drive disruption “from the inside out rather […] Read More

When I attended seminary, most of the student body were young men and women who had just completed college. A few like me had spent a couple of years in the military, another graduate school, worked in a secular vocation or taught school. Occasionally, I would have a class with an older person, usually male, […] Read More

When I was a college student, I heard someone say, “The church is always one generation away from extinction.” As I remember, this was intended to encourage us to be evangelistic in sharing our faith. The idea is that God has no grandchildren, only children who have personally chosen to follow God. If new children or believers […] Read More

Jeff Slingo, an editor-at-large for The Chronicle of Higher Education, recently wrote about what he learned from a 10-day transcontinental train ride with 24 millennial entrepreneurs. In the article, Slingo pushed back against the stereotype of millennials as “lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents” and listed some of the things he learned […] Read More

One of the most discouraging things that a pastor or staff minister can hear is this: “I just don’t belong here. I can’t find a place to plug in at this church.” This may be the last conversation that the minister will have with this person and it may be said as the person walks […] Read More

Step into any Christian bookstore or search for the word “Bible” online and you will find not only a number of translations but also many editions of the Bible targeted to specific consumers – “The Soldier’s Bible,” “The Godly Woman’s Bible,” “The Bible for Teenagers” and on and on. Of course, many of us no […] Read More

Some church leaders disagree with the idea that we now live in a post-denominational world. If they are arguing that issues of doctrine and polity are still important to many Christians, I can understand their position a bit.  There are still congregations that are clearly part of “faith tribes” – Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, Episcopalians […] Read More

Lesslie Newbigin, a Christian missiologist, was ahead of the curve when he wrote in 1986 about the need for “a theology that has been wrought out at the coal face, at the place where faith wrestles at personal cost with the hard issues of public life.” In this section of “Foolishness to the Greeks,” Newbigin […] Read More