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Author Helle Liht

Helle Liht is the assistant general secretary at the European Baptist Federation.

Water is fascinating. And when you have patience to listen to the water, it speaks to you. Yet water is not only a source of an aesthetic or even a spiritual experience for nature lovers. Water brings life. […] Read More

Baptist churches are committed to help those affected by the conflict in East Ukraine. About 200,000 people have already received food, coal, heaters and other items, but more help is still needed. […] Read More

A conversation with my friends around a lunch table made me think. My question was about how the natural world and our Christian faith relate to each other. Each of us responded with a story to share about how we experience God when we walk in a forest, listen to a stormy sea, stick our […] Read More

The European refugee situation is settling down. There are no more masses arriving, many procedures are in place, and quarrels over the quota are given to the European Court of Justice to solve. Is the crisis over? This was one of the questions asked at the annual meeting of the European Council on Refugees and […] Read More

The tradition of celebrating Earth Day on April 22 is one of the fruits of “environmental awakening” in the end of the 1960s. Started in 1970 in the United States, it has grown into an international movement with partners in 196 countries. This year’s Earth Day is focusing on environmental and climate literacy. The campaign […] Read More

Finland, “the land of a thousand lakes,” welcomed the delegates of the 11th assembly of the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) who gathered in the Sofia Cultural Centre in Helsinki from June 11-15. The ECEN assembly meets every second year, offering an ecumenical platform for sharing and strengthening cooperation among representatives from different churches in […] Read More

Lebanon is a county of delicious food and boundless hospitality. I had an opportunity to experience both of these during a couple of days last week. In addition, I enjoyed warm sunny weather and ripening grapefruits and mandarins at hand, which, I am sure, makes everybody from the Nordic hemisphere think that this must be […] Read More

“Poverty is the worst environmental pollution,” said Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India at the United Nations Conference on Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972. Since then her statement has been quoted and interpreted by many. What did she mean? Did she mean that the poor are to be blamed in flooding the earth with […] Read More