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Author Helen Paynter

Helen Paynter is Director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence, based at Bristol Baptist College. She is the author of "God of Violence Yesterday, God of Love Today?" (BRF).

Why does so much violence exist in the Old Testament if God is a loving god? There’s no easy answer, but one author attempts to show how belief in a good God is not incompatible with reading the Old Testament. […] Read More

Bad theology and bad biblical interpretation can cause people to do all sorts of appalling actions in the name of God. To counter those abuses, Bristol Bible College has launched the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence. […] Read More

How Christians have responded to the issue of immigration is often shared in articles and videos. However, the prior question of why they should is not necessarily as easy as we might think. And while there are people in our churches who would throw open the borders tomorrow, there are also those who – for […] Read More