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Author Hailey Brenden

The ability of nations to cope with the impact of climate change varies widely. “The rich countries of the West may be able to cope with climate change, but what about the people in countries with few resources?” asks Jack (not his real name), a BMS World Mission worker in East Asia. “Do we think […] Read More

Tear gas canisters litter the college grounds. It’s a sad but all too familiar sight for students and staff at Bethlehem Bible College (BBC) in Jerusalem. With tear gas coming through the windows and disrupting their studies, you’d think most people would react in anger. But not BBC student Walter Brynjolfson. He decided that he […] Read More

Research into gender-based violence during the Central African Republic conflict sponsored by BMS World Mission has led to the release of a powerful report with the potential to help survivors and inspire leaders to take action. The study, carried out in April and May, was the first into sexual violence in CAR since the crisis […] Read More