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Author Griff Martin

Our high school students and I act out and focus on one particular biblical narrative, typically from the gospels, on Sunday evenings. This is one of our regular small group meeting activities, as we seek to understand better the meaning of the passage we are studying. We do so by playing all the different parts […] Read More

What does a new generation desire from the church? This subject is addressed in Rachel Held Evans’ new book, “Searching For Sunday: Loving, Leaving and Finding the Church,” which a group at my congregation is studying on Wednesday evenings. It’s a remarkable book that speaks to an institution that is truly struggling at present. Recently, […] Read More

It’s a big week for book lovers with the arrival of the much anticipated and almost too good to be true second novel of Harper Lee. Many of us would consider “To Kill a Mockingbird” an important work in race relations, a book that looked at racial injustice from the eyes of a child. The […] Read More

My best friend was married two years ago, and I had the honor of delivering the homily. When it came time to the rehearsal dinner speech, I spoke “off the cuff,” ending my speech by saying, “I thought that when one grew up, a best friend was no longer part of your life. However, you […] Read More

I attended a meeting of clergy recently, which began with us sitting in a small circle, coffees in hand, introducing ourselves and talking about the state of our ministries. I knew immediately how this would go and it met my expectations. It was the exact same responses that I hear every time clergy get together […] Read More

One of the refrains we have heard over and over again regarding the loss of Maya Angelou is this: “There was just so much more she had to teach us.” Certainly that is true; she was constantly writing and composing truths for us to hear and read. Thus, I feel certain there are works to […] Read More

I once heard Anne Lamott talk about addiction. In her brilliant manner, she delivered the following wonderful comment: “I have been addicted to just about everything one can be in life, but gambling. And that is a huge ‘but’ in my life, it might just be I have never had the chance … I am […] Read More

The fall in the publishing industry is known as the big important book season. It’s similar to all the award-winning movies coming out toward the end of the year. Every year about this time, important books and movies come out – the books and movies that are going to win awards and be placed atop […] Read More

A Christian funeral can be an act of beauty or a lesson in bad theology. It seems to be at funerals where we offer some of our cheapest theology in an effort to ease some temporary pain. Yet these words often have long lasting and damaging effects in regard to our understanding of God’s control, […] Read More

I have been really upset over the shooting at the Westgate Mall in Kenya a few weeks ago. It’s not just the fact that there was more violence in our world – another senseless shooting leaving people dead because of violence. Certainly these things affected me, but this was more personal because that mall has […] Read More