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Author Greg DeLoach

Greg DeLoach is director of development for McAfee School of Theology and Penfield College of Mercer University. He is current serving as the interim dean at McAfee School of Theology.

The Alabama memorial serves as a somber reminder of our nation’s sad and brutal history. A place to confront the truth of racial terror. A place of prayer and for lamentation. And yet, a ray of hope beyond the clouds. […] Read More

What is it within us that has us hungry for power and dominance, even if we never explicitly act on it? There is the gnawing need to be right, the aggressive drive to be first and the lurking fear that stands in the way of admitting mistakes. […] Read More

An NFL player, self-identified as a devout Christian, decided to “take a knee” during the playing of the national anthem last season. It was a silent protest on behalf of Black Lives Matter. He is biracial and was raised by white parents. I can only assume that matters of race are acutely and personally important […] Read More

‘You Pack What You Fear’

I was listening to an interview recently of a backpacker who hikes as a “minimalist.” Minimalist backpacking – or ultralight as it is more commonly called – is about packing the minimal essentials for the hike. Instead of a tent, for example, he packs a tarp. He cuts the handle off his toothbrush and removes […] Read More

I am the older of my two brothers. One is just 10½ months younger (so we share the same numerical age for six bemusing weeks) and the other, the baby of the family, is 2½ years younger. We are close in age, and growing up we were fierce in loyalty. I should add that we […] Read More

Have you ever seen a jogger smile? There is a park alongside the river that is a convenient place for me to stop on the way home from work. While traffic hums by, there are trails winding through patches of woods, green space and the river itself that make it ideal for jogging (or in […] Read More

My wife and I are living in-between addresses. I know that sounds odd, but I can find no better way to describe our living situation at the present. Our house is now sold and belongs to another, and a new home waits in another city, so right now for these weeks stretching into the new […] Read More

Every child wants to know, and many have the courage to ask, “What does God look like?” The adult in all of us wants to quickly answer in a theologically correct way saying, “God cannot be pictured. An image is idolatrous because no one image can ever be complete.” Still, the child in all of […] Read More

It has been a difficult seven or so days for this country, especially those at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. We all know what happened there, so there is no need in repeating what we know. It was horrific and drenched in hate. In spite of the intended racial division, we […] Read More

The subject line of an email I received recently was “Muffin Top Drop.” I am not sure if it was a promotion for weight-loss or advertising a delicious pastry. I decided to forgo opening the email, assuming it was unsolicited. Besides, I like muffin tops and I do not need an email to convince me […] Read More