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Author Glen Stassen

In my 1992 “Just Peacemaking” book proposing just peacemaking theory, which led to the consensus “Just Peacemaking: The New Paradigm for the Ethics of Peace and War” (1998/2003/2008), I wrote: “Rational policy must offer adversaries ways to affirm their valid interest in guarding their own security… . We can increase our security only when we […] Read More

Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part excerpt of a presentation made at the annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance in Santiago, Chile. Read the first part here. We need to know that Germans were not aware that human rights were the product of Baptists on biblical grounds in the 17th century. […] Read More

Editor’s note: This is the first of a two-part excerpt of a presentation made at the annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance in Santiago, Chile. What Baptists need to know is that Richard Overton – the father of the tradition of human rights – was a Baptist. Overton was a member of that group […] Read More

Fuller’s School of Psychology has an ethics review board that monitors all experiments on people, as the law requires for all psychological and medical experiments. I have served on it. All of us who have served on Fuller’s review board know you can’t do experiments on people without their free and informed consent. Physicians for […] Read More

Shirley Bogard was an impressive teenager in the Kentucky Baptist church where I was pastor. The church awarded her its scholarship for the most deserving teenager so she could train as a nurse. She was a devoted Christian and became a super-competent nurse.   Shirley, now Shirley Martin, became the nurse in Louisville and Jefferson […] Read More

Some on the religious right have made their kind of religion a major issue in the present election campaign. They should not be met by silence. Christians should make peacemaking their central concern this year. Our future depends on it. Christians commit themselves to follow Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who taught his followers to […] Read More

The 9/11 Commission will continue to focus on intelligence failures. But the American people should also be asking whether foreign policy mistakes were made–and whether the cooperative pursuit of justice could prevent future terrorist attacks. I believe it could. A month before the September 2001 terrorist attacks, U.S. and Israeli representatives walked out from an […] Read More

It was a moving moment. In the 9-11 Commission hearing, former Counterterrorism Director Richard Clarke turned toward family members of those who had been killed and said: “Your government failed you…. And I failed you. And for that failure, I would ask…for your understanding and your forgiveness.” It was deeply appreciated. Widow Patty Casazza said […] Read More

Just war theory or pacifism understood simply as the restraint of war is not likely to provide satisfactory answers. What alternatives does just peacemaking theory raise for Christians to discuss, support and advocate? The government has shifted $40 billion to military spending. This doesn’t include special appropriations for the war on Afghanistan, special appropriations for […] Read More

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article by Glen Stassen is reprinted with permission from Sojourners Online. To learn more about Sojourners, visit or call 800-714-7474. When you look at the history of the church’s entanglement with the death penalty, and then its recovery, gradually you realize the story is like a parable, a penetrating view […] Read More